Understanding, Supporting and Inspiring the Emotional Recovery from Cancer


Hello and welcome to The Two Faces of Cancer

Half the UK population will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime. It’s a terrifying statistic and a diagnosis that throws you into physical and emotional turmoil. 

While you and your medics take care of  your physical health, the emotional impact of cancer is often neglected, leaving cancer patients  struggling to rebuild our lives in a frightening and isolating new world that you don’t want to be part of. 

The Two Faces of Cancer book and blog are here to help you navigate the treatment and recovery of cancer and hopefully find happiness and purpose in that strange new world.  


The Two Faces of Cancer book is now published and available to buy on Amazon. 

**World Cancer Day 4th February 2019**

Please take a look at this article which I was asked to write for World Cancer Day about the emotional impact of cancer and was published in The Daily Telegraph https://bit.ly/2HSo5rJ


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