Understanding, Supporting and Inspiring the Emotional Recovery from Cancer




Rebecca Brazier was 37 when she was first diagnosed with breast cancer and 30 weeks pregnant with her second child. By the time she was diagnosed, the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes. It was the first of three cancer diagnoses Rebecca has since received  and the beginning of a life changing journey. She describes cancer as the best and worst thing to have ever happened to her.  

Rebecca is a trained and experienced Humanistic counsellor and personal coach who works in both private practice as well as the voluntary sector. She works with a diverse cross section of people on issues such as anxiety, depression, stress, self-harm, dependency, abuse, anger, illness, trauma, relationships, loss, bereavement, addiction and self-esteem. Her work is aimed at creating awareness and choices and to help people experience a happier and more satisfying way of living.

Using all her experience as a counsellor and coach and  cancer patient, Rebecca applies her professional knowledge and skills to her own cancer journey in order to provide a deep and more accurate understanding of the emotional and psychological impact of cancer including: 

· how cancer affects families and friends,

· the impact society, medical care and the media has on cancer patients, 

· the distress the behaviour, reaction and attitudes of others can cause, 

· ways to avoid, confront and manage all of the above in order to help recovery. 

Rebecca's inspirational book 'The Two Faces of Cancer' which is due for publication in 2018 bridges the gap between the medical model of care and the emotional and psychological recovery from the impact cancer has is written for anyone who wants to understand more about the impact cancer has or support someone through cancer either personally or professionally.