Understanding, Supporting and Inspiring the Emotional Recovery from Cancer

The Two Faces of Cancer Book


Recently published Rebecca's book The Two Faces of Cancer understands, supports and inspires you on your recovery from cancer. 


If you’ve been touched by a cancer diagnosis, then you already know just how devastating, life changing and personally apocalyptic it is. Unfortunately life will never be the same again and you are probably left asking yourself, how on earth do I even begin to pull my life back together again

A great deal has been written about cancer and the short and long-term effects of treatment. But what is often neglected is the emotional and psychological impact of a cancer diagnosis, which can last long after the treatment has ended. 

The Two Faces of Cancer addresses that gap. It’s a profoundly personal, honest, at times challenging and at times laugh out loud account of Rebecca Brazier’s experience of cancer. But it also takes a look at what happens to us psychologically following a diagnosis of cancer. Drawing on all her experience as a humanistic counsellor and personal coach, Rebecca not only explains and demystifies our reactions and responses to the many different stages of the cancer journey, she provides lots of practical, easy to follow advice along the way about how to manage this. 

Rebecca chronicles how she turned devastation, depression,  anger and fear into a positive attitude and approach to create a meaningful life and give herself the ability to psychologically recover. More importantly, she provides us with a deeper understanding of the emotional impact of cancer, thereby helping us to recover and / or to support other cancer patients in a more effective way. 

The Two Faces of Cancer will make you both laugh and cry. You will recognise some of the real despair but also enjoy the moments of great hope and happiness. And you’ll find yourself with a much deeper understanding of the mental processes and impact of dealing and recovering from a cancer diagnosis.